I know

I can see the monster guarding our pen

I know what happens to those

that are led away at night,

that they are slaughtered and eaten

by the beast.

I just wanted to let you know that I know

about the machinery that has been working it’s way at night,

installing itself upon us

from the shadows.

It is a vampire,

sucking our lifeforce,

our life,

killing our soul slowly

but with fastidious care as we have

submerged into density

and forgotten.


takes so many forms

but it is one

One fear, one hate, one control


You say it is not connected

but how could it not be

when everything is connected.




Denial will serve no purpose

to Love who no longer wishes to be imprisoned.

Slavery is not an option

Lift your gaze and see

the blatant truth

that has been held from you through manipulation.

It is staring you in the face,

it’s oiled chains wrapped around your neck,

ready to pull.

Stand up now

Open your heart

Fear is useless

for it is time to go